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Find her at Book Editing Associatesa group of seasoned and vetted professional editors. In addition to being a columnist with Publishers Weekly and a professor with The Great CoursesJane maintains an award-winning blog for writers at JaneFriedman.

writers digest editing service

But before you hire one, you must know the answers to these questions: When should I hire an editor? Recommend it in the comments! Why am I hiring them?

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To a lesser degree, most fiction requires less than perfect grammar and punctuation in dialogue, and even in narrative, depending on the POV, who the POV character is, and on whether writer is writing in formal or informal style. Even better, it could save me several thousand dollars, compared to sending a full manuscript to my editor, only to find that my novel has major structural problems—problems that could have been fixed via a review of my story outline. My brilliant solution to this conundrum? Or maybe I should have turned him over to Mooky … -pls. This means both grammar and punctuation must sometimes be intentionally wrong. Many writers initially believe that editors will make major changes to their novel for them, but this is rarely the case. How do you find the right editor for your book?

I am very skilled and passionate about what I do, and my current clientele can speak for that. Would I be able to offer my experience with editing the work of others from a purely mechanical standpoint? Happy writing.

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Look at similar jobs to see how much other authors are paying. Want to write the best possible book?

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