Massive change book review

According to Mau, the president of the long suffering nation had invited Mau to visit for a week and, gulp, redesign the country.

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More of a coffee table book than anything, this book will only function in that setting. The urban planning and sustainability sections are a little hard for me to get through since they contain essentially very basic information of the type I deal with every day at work, but presented as if they're the most radical notions ever put in print.

Hardly, and neither does anybody connected to this book, or reading this newspaper online or not.

This book could be my mentor in design. But what was this exhibition about?? Log in to post a response. Shelves: design This book tries to motivate society to think of the entirety of humanity when faced with an objective. It was, and still is an absolute must-read for me. The themes are important: Responsibility, sustainability, the application of technology to human problems. It made me want to learn more. Without any museums to host the exhibition, the organizers had to dismantle it. In one room, designers wrote by hand on the walls. Pick it up. Very discouraging. The book is well-organized and beautiful to look at. Another room was completely dark, except for the glow of digital screens. Inspiring, Refreshing Skim more later.

Still, people stayed, mingled, and looked at the images from ankle to ceiling. K Expensive by Daniel Spock - March 28, The dealbreaker for us was that it would be a very expensive show to mount and very large too.

The article on Curitiba, Brazil made me completely re-think urban rapid transit to encapsulate something that is a more open system buses with movable docking terminals that can grow and change with a city instead of a closed system like a rails.

Together, the School of Design and BMD decided to launch a program and design studio where students and experts could meet on an equal playing field and tackle real world problems together. It also solidified the need for a permanent interdisciplinary institute that could develop and leverage design methods and practice to wicked problems affecting urban areas globally.

There are interviews with people who are prominent in various areas of industrial design and related fields.

Massive change book review

Nothing in Massive Change accounts for all the bad things that also make us human — selfishness and lack of empathy being the top two. And it would have been so expensive — though I suspect our local vinyl suppliers would have been very pleased.

Massive Change was their first project together. There were many amateurish mistakes to be sure ironic, because Mau is regarded as such a design guru, but these were compensated for generally by the freshness of the design and conceptual approach. There are subtexts about sustainability, war and peace, genetic engineering, etc. I felt the exhibition was powerful, poetic, challenging and extremely informative. Minimal depth, quick interviews, large photos with brief motivational statements. It was, and still is an absolute must-read for me. You and I know rather a lot about the situation in Sudan, thanks to travelling information, but do we share the problems of starving refugees?
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