Lotion research papers

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Lotion 2 absorbed 3 Milliliters and Lotion 1 absorbed 2 Milliliters. Analyze your graph.

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Same recipes will call fir liquid oils while others will require solid oils or butter, and there are many oils to chose from: avocado coconut, shea and olive oils.

Of course everyone wants to know; especially woman.

Lotion research papers

How do the samples compare to the controls? Once we found out our two lotions that we were going to compare against each other, we had to gather all of our materials needed to experiment. Or do people prefer a skin moisturizer that did not do very well in your experiment?

Do this by repeating steps 2 and 3, but this time use the data from Table 2.

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It's unlikely that retinyl palmitate in the amounts found in moisturizers has much, if any, effect on collagen and wrinkles. Cleansers like Cetaphil are an alternative to soap. Organic body butter is a very rich ingredient that deeply moisturizes your skin. To answer this, be sure to think about how the model you used in this science project is different from what it is trying to model. Body Lotion comes in different types, depending on the needs of the person. Can you make an even better model and test the skin moisturizers again? They can put a little bit on their skin if they want to. Moisturizer ingredients Occlusives Occlusives hold water in after it has been supplied either by the moisturizer or a soak in water. Tip: You may want to re-read the Introduction in the Background tab to help you pick other ingredients to test. Usually most ingredients used are water, oil, glycerin, citric acid, emulsifier, aloe vera, scents, anti-microbials, and of course, color. Read more Variations In this science project, you used JELL-O gelatin dessert as a model of human skin to test how well different skin moisturizers keep the skin moist. Why do you think this is, based on the reasons that people give you?

Based on your graphs and other observations, which skin moisturizer s performed the worst in your experiment? Applying an oily substance to the skin without also resupplying it with water — either from the moisturizer or from another outside source like a bath — is ineffective: you'd just end up with greasy skin that is still dry and cracked.

Next, make a line graph of the data in this data table as you did in step 4. Read more Pathologist Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Pathologists work in a wide range of fields and can help diagnose types of cancer, find out what killed a person, and investigate how disease progresses on a molecular level.

Water is one of the most important ingredients for any hand or body lotion.

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Lists of vitamins are supposed to get us thinking that moisturizers can nourish skin or stoke it full of antioxidants. But the vitamin A used in some moisturizers is retinyl palmitate, which has the virtue of being a very stable molecule but isn't nearly as biologically active as retinoic acid. Oil is another key ingredient in lotion making. These lotions were subjected to physical studies pH, viscosity, spreadability, homogeneity, and accelerated stability , in vitro permeation, in vivo animal studies and sensatory perception testing. Then we poured 10 milliliters of water in each of the jars. Robert Sanders A controversial group of chemicals commonly found in lotions and other personal care products may be more dangerous at low doses than previously thought, according to a new study. Preparation of lotion formulations All lotion formulations were prepared by mixing the ingredients as given in the Table 1. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone are silicones that function as occlusives. Take warm, not hot, baths and showers. Harvard Health Letter Moisturizers: Do they work? The chemicals have generated increasing health concerns, however, because they mimic estrogens, which have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and reproductive problems. Then decide which ingredients you want to include in yours. To these solutions, permeation enhancers, PG and TO, were added in varying concentration. As we finished filling the jars with water, we put 5 grams of the Lotion 1 on the filter paper. They become more cautious about how they look, to avoid further misunderstanding by others.
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