Heart murmurr essay

heart murmur definition

And if you smoke, quit. When the valve can't let enough blood through, the problem is called stenosis. It's one of the most common heart valve conditions. Fortunately, the sensitivity of the human ear increases for these higher frequencies.

The ear canal should be occluded, not invaded. The loud sound does not even have to coincide with the faint sound. Increasing the pressure will attenuate the first heart sound and the second heart may actually become louder than the first sound. Rapid removal of the bell should elicit a pressure sensation in t he ear.

The absence of leaks can also be confirmed by abruptly breaking the seal of the stethoscope bell with the skin during routine auscultation. It can also be too small, too soft, or applied with too great a pressure - making it rest too deeply in the concha with the earpiece aperture partly or even completely occluded by the anterior wall of the cartilaginous meatus.

Ambient Noise High ambient noise levels and intermittent loud sounds from speech or electronic equipment interfere significantly with auscultation.

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Valvular Heart Disease