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Secondly, we employ undergraduate and graduate writing consultants. Minire Hello! She is a strong believer that everyone has their own voice in their writing and is passionate about helping you find yours.

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Minire Hello! Writing is a textual representation of myriad languages that students possess. As long as we can find your information in our database, we can schedule you for an appointment with a writing consultant. Writing is the result of sociocultural factors and educational histories that, for many us, we cannot understand. It helps me to polish every aspect of my critical thought properly in either grammar, usage, or even tuning my writing. I'm a student. Just come to the Center and see if a writing consultant is available! She loves a good story and believes writing to be a powerful tool for finding your voice. Spell this criteria out for your students. If you'd like to give us some feedback on how we may support you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Writing workshops are a great way to address some of your issues in a group of peers. Written Feedback Does my thesis make sense?

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She is a strong believer that everyone has their own voice in their writing and is passionate about helping you find yours. Jordan is passionate about the application of literary criticism and theory to new media, and believes emphatically that video games deserve a place in the literary canon. Well, there are many ways to answer this question And, that they will be able to ask our writing consultants questions that they might not want to ask in class. Sending your student here to "fix" her or his grammar will not do your student any service, nor will it play to our staff's strengths. Information for Faculty The Queens College Writing Center can play a pivotal role in helping your students generate more critical and more complete pieces of writing. If you would like to refer your student to the Writing Center, feel free to use our referral form. Student referral form Sometimes, students and writing consultants have difficulties knowing what exactly to work on. I have a passion for teaching and with that have worked with the Multi-Lingual Lab at QC since its launch in , where I was trained and work with English Language Learning students. We can usually respond to your paper within two business days. To set up your real-time chat tutoring appointment click here Writing Workshops or Small Group tutoring New for ! I also direct the Writing Center. Please look through our Writing Consultant bios and schedule an appointment with one of our graduate writing consultants. Writing consultants also undergo monthly training sessions and participate in Center-related developmental projects.

Usually, though, a writing consultant will read and respond to your work, offering concrete advice and, crucially, encouragement. Well, there are many ways to answer this question She is currently an undergraduate student majoring in Linguistics and Communication Disorders.

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To request Written Feedback, select the Written Feedback calendar on the dropdown menu on our schedulethen follow the instructions for attaching your paper and submitting your questions. Thanks, Alyssa.

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