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This is such a powerful and emotional story. The doctor had to cut the person's leg off and give him a fake leg.

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The Karenni tribe lives in remote areas of Burma and are considered dissidents and rebels by the Burmese government who wants to eliminate them and take over their land. It is deceptively simple. The war was between the Burmese and the Karreni. Chiko has the ambition of youth to "live large. Chiko, a quiet, studious student whose medical doctor father has been arrested as a traitor, is seized by the government and forced into military training. On the way, they hear something shaking the ground. While Perkins doesn't sugarcoat her subject—coming of age in a brutal, fascistic society—this is a gentle story with a lot of heart, suitable for younger readers than the subject matter might suggest. Tu Reh says something about his camp, and the next day they leave. Booklist When year-old Chiko is pressed into military service by the Burmese government, he finds himself involved in an ongoing war with the Karenni people, one of the many ethnic minorities in modern Burma. I recommend this book to everyone. Through the eyes of these two young men we experience violence, prejudice and the abuse of power as well as what courage and heroism really mean. But as young soldiers, they face harrowing situations, profound suffering, and life-and-death decisions.

Perkins gives readers a glimpse into what it means to be a hero. After Chiko recovered enough to leave the camp, the two bonded and before leaving to go their separate ways, had both expressed the hope to meet again some day.

Readers will not return from this book without a new sense of the geopolitics of modern day Burma Myanmar.


Chiko and Wei-Lin have no idea if Joon is still alive or dead. Bamboo People is a very compelling read. Bamboo People opens with an anxious mother calling her son Chiko inside. Tu Reh says something about his camp, and the next day they leave.

The camp was more like a prison than a military training camp. The police arrested Joon four months before. The characters are interesting, and grow over the course of the book. Chiko has foolishly taken one of his father's books outside to read behind the lush bamboo that screens their house from the urban traffic of modern day Burma.

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Bamboo People by Mitali Perkins