An account about the battles of vietnam

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We understood the schedule of the bombings and artillery and waited until they stopped. I saw the front side of an AK and then a muzzle flash and I pulled my trigger. In that part of Vietnam during the monsoons we got heavy rain. I led the third attack. As heroic as these deeds are, Bowden does not neglect the uglier aspects of war, including racism, substance abuse and atrocities committed by both sides. We captured an enemy soldier. Wright who replaced MG Zais as commander of the st Airborne in May abandoned the hill on 5 June as the operations in the valley wrapped up. But before they get him up, I leaned over and put my hand to his ear. When I saw my camp was empty, I left.

I got back to the states and at that time my family was in Baltimore. I straddled the guy—I just sat on him. In theory, the st could reposition its forces quickly enough to keep the PAVN from massing against any one unit, while a U. You could sometimes see the concussion when the ordnance would go off.

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Abrams , publicly supported the decision. We had to carry everything—food, weapons—the same as the men. Initially, the operation went routinely for the st Airborne Division Airmobile. Stilwell , commander of XXIV Corps , amassed the equivalent of two divisions, and substantial artillery and air support, to once again launch a raid into the valley. From a light observation helicopter, the battalion commander attempted to coordinate the movements of the other companies into a final assault, but an exceptionally intense thunderstorm reduced visibility to zero and ended the fighting. I was in a bunker when I heard all the noise. Everyone loves you. I was Dac Cong, Special Forces. As Airborne Commander I was in charge of all that. The fight went on all night.

Phong: In my life as a soldier I had two major accomplishments: in at Dien Bien Phu in the decisive battle against the French and in when we liberated Saigon.

Air Force flew missions and expended more than tons of ordnance.

An account about the battles of vietnam

The American side had artillery and bombs all day and even at night so to avoid that we went where the water was deeper. I enjoyed the combat—the adrenalin. Tony Nadal and the 3rd Brigade, 1st Calvary Division Airmobile launched a helicopter assault the first of such ever taken against the North Vietnamese forces.

He taught 13 years at the high school level and 22 years at the university level.

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We took off from Guam after the usual pre-takeoff briefings. Abrams in "The Abrams Tapes", says its role in the final assault was as follows: The unit was positioned on a stretch of the PAVN defense line that was lightly defended, and sent a scout party to test the forward enemy lines earlier than the proposed assault time; this party was quickly able to discern the minimal enemy strength.

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Two of its four company commanders and eight of twelve platoon leaders had become casualties. Along the shore I see many horrible things—I see a pregnant woman dead on the beach. During the day the sunshine made the temperature very hot. The Marine convoy stopped several times to eliminate resistance in heavy house-to-house and street fighting before proceeding again. It was the biggest battle of the war. Our mission was to go out and kill. The people of Da Nang greeted us and were very happy. Fire support for units in contact was also decentralized. Thai: I was involved in the plans for the first attack at Dien Bien Phu. They transferred us from camp to camp. Even ammunition would be siphoned off and sold before it got down to his soldiers.

To, Mr. However, he does introduce us to Che Thi Mung, a young village woman who reconnoitered American positions in the months preceding the assault, led North Vietnamese soldiers into Hue and fought bravely as the Americans closed in.

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Battles of The Vietnam: