A look at the importance of play on the development of children

Ditch the flashcards and PLAY.

importance of play in preschool

Physical play encourages kids to be active. Play begins early. Your child watches your body language when you speak and communicate and will start to learn what your body language means.

definition of play in child development

Interestingly, toys that have traditionally been viewed as male oriented—construction toys and toy vehicles, for example—elicited the highest quality play among girls. They start watching your face first, taking in your expressions. Whilst it is very important that children play with their peers and are given opportunities for unstructured play, children who also play with a loved adult can benefit greatly — the benefits of having fun together cannot be underestimated!

All of my children use their language during play with each other and with their peers, all the while creating and formulating new ideas and sentences and using that language to communicate and share.

importance of play in early childhood essay
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Benefits of Play for Child Development